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Hall of history begins with a map of archaeological and historical monuments situated in Dashoguz velayat. There are shown findings from Chyryshly, VI-V m.B.C., antique Kaparas, exactly IVcentury B.C.-Vcentury A.D., blooming in Middle Ages Sadvar and fragments of buildings from Kunyaurgench.

Ancient inhabitants of Khorezm first of all settled in the territory along the banks of Upper Uzboy, in the tracts Pishge and Khatyb in delta of the Amudarya near Sarykamysh. The most famous site of the period of late Stone Age is the site Charyshly and complex of sites in 25km. to the south of it. Household utensils of the people of late Stone Age are represented generally by silicon tools, rarely - by pieces of crude molded ceramic dishes.

At the territory of Khorezm occurs the formation of patriarchal-slave holding state in VI-V centuries B.C. Great power has got a name - state of Achemenids. The leader of Persian tribes Cyrus II became the founder of this state; he conquered considerable part of Central Asia. But his attempts to occupy Eastern shore of Caspian Sea and Khorezm, where lived massagets - cattle breeders, had no success.

Some monuments are connected with that period of history of left bank Khorezm and their researching brought an interesting material. On the banks of Chermenyab and Kunyavass canals were founded settlements-fortresses-Kandymkala, Gaurkala 3, Kangakala 1 and 3, Akjagelin, Kaparas, Sadvar city and others.

Numismatic findings of outstanding researcher of ancient Khorezm S.P. Tolstov was one of basic arguments for benefit of hypothesis of affiliation of Khorezm in Kushan Empire (state of Kushan was one of the largest slaveholding states in the East in II-III centuries A.D.).

In spite of the fact that Khorezm coin was recoined in Kushan manner, it is not an evidence that Khorezm has been in political subordination to Kushan rulers.

State of Khorezmshahs gained big importance in international trade. Articles of trade were exported from India, Iran, China and Central Asia through Khoresm to kingdoms on the Volga - Khazar, Bulgar and others.

Creations of Khorezmian architects reached their culmination in really architectural masterpieces, and first of all we should note among them ruins of Kunya-Urgench - capital of medieval Khorezm.

Kunya-Urgench being famous by its architectural, archaeological and historical meaning, now presents area designed by separate monuments.

 There are mausoleums of Il-Arslan, Tekesh, Nejmeddin Kubra, Soltan Ali, Tyurabek khanym, Piryar Veli on beloved land of Kunya-Urgench and in its soul. These invaluable monuments are beautiful specimen of fine artwork of imagination. These splendid buildings which are left by our ancestors, that had great fortitude, fascinate guests from every corner of the globe by their beauty.