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In Dashoguz velayat are carried out works on development of economics. The workflow is shown in the hall of Independence.

Dashoguz velayat is located in the north of the country. It is one of the richest regions in manpower resources; therefore velayat brings the worthy contribution to development of national economics.

 Gas-compressor stations "Deryalyk" and «Yylanly» give the chance to supply foreign countries with "blue fuel» of Turkmenistan.

Energetic is a new branch of industry of velayat. The further development of energetic allows exporting the electric power. In velayat will be developed chemical industry and mechanical engineering. Works on building and modernization of railways and highways is conducted in steady tempo.

Great work is also conducted in textile industry. Cotton spilling mill is now on stream and cotton and silk fabrics are produced.

Agriculture is developed branch since long ago. Cotton growing is especially extended. New areas requiring irrigation are developed and are being included into a crop rotation. The opening of Ruhubelent etrap provides all-round development of velayat.

In the epoch of new Revival is conducted a lot of work in the sphere of health, education, culture, sport and tourism.

So, as a result of care of honorable President, the life of population of velayat is being improved and there are created additional places of work. Each city, town, village, settlement of velayat will find a beautiful image.