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Dashoguz velayat is located in the north of our country, in a left-bank part of the lower Amudarya. Its area is 73, 43 thousand. km2. In the north it borders with Ustyurt plateau, in the south with Zaunguz desert. Ancient, now dry riverbeds of the Amudarya cross the plain from the east to the west.

Exposition of a hall of the nature of Dashoguz Museum of History and local lore begins with display of a card of soil and samples of soils of this region of Turkmenistan. There are the photopanel of the Usturt kplateau and Lake Sarykamysh, samples of minerals extracted in Dashoguz velayat in show-cases and a climatic map of region. The big map at the stand tells about a variety of fauna of this area. The diorama «Тugai» shows occurrence of vegetable oasises in Karakum desert with appearence of Lake Sarykamysh. Show-сases with medicinal, desert and other vegetation are presented in central part of the hall. In 1983-1987 in territory of Ustyurt have been delivered Equus hemionus; diorama “Equus hemionus” and the stand «Turkmen lake and Equus hemionus » are devoted to them. The diorama "Saigas" shows spring migration of these animals to northern areas of our country. It is possible to learn variety of the world of insects in a separate standing show-case. The biggest show-cases are devoted to Zaunguz Karakum desert, Каplankyr and Lake Sarykamysh.